Rust and paint


Note the small amount of water used and the absence of dust in the air...

Introduction to the farrow system

graffiti removal

The containment used for graffiti is simply plastic sheathing that catches the slurry created by the cleaning.  Again, very little water is needed.

Removing lead based paint

Single layers of material can be removed at one time for precise containment.


In 1988 Nigel Farrow, the inventor of the Farrow System, set out to find an alternative to scraping boat bottoms.  After 10 years of trial and error, his sytem is now the leader in the industry...

Anti Fouling Paint removal

This system was originally designed to remove boat hull coatings without damaging the gelcoat...


Nigel Farrow

Explains the basics of the system and why heat creates performance...


Once the part is cleaned and rinsed, the surfaces are ready to recoat without additional metal preparation using HoldTight 102.